Divine Feminine Retreat
to Oct 24

Divine Feminine Retreat

  • Ahu Lani Retreat Center (map)
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Are you desiring to go deeper into your inner DIVINE FEMININE?

Can you feel the pull from deep within you?

It’s deeper than an inquiry—it’s a


Have you outgrown your current your life…?

The old ways cannot satisfy your Soul.

Are you …?

  • hiding from your magic

  • second guessing your intuitive wisdom

  • dimming your brilliant light

  • afraid to be your true self


Are you ready to let go of anything that is holding you back from…

  • releasing the old lifestyle ?

  • living an empowered life ?

  • shining brilliantly ?

  • embodying your magic and power ?

How do we know this so well…?

… Because we were there, too!

And, we've shifted and evolved so much in our own awakening.

Divine Feminine Awakening is happening now.

You feel it inside of you, don’t you?


This is the Age of Enlightenment.

We are living in a time, where the old paradigm is outdated.

Our minds are still catching up to the shift.


Change is inevitable.

Transformation is a choice.



This is your season of acceleration to transform


your life,

your relationships,

your work,

your everything.


It’s time — light your SOUL on FIRE



Here is your invitation Sister —step through the portal, catapult your life.

This a higher way of living.

You are an awakened, divine feminine woman.


This portal leads you deeper into yourself!


You are held in a sacred, and loving space during our 5 day retreat.

Women from around the world will join with you on this powerful experience.


Be witnessed and celebrated for your true self emerging from the chrysalis.

Embody your feminine magnificence.


Learn practical tools to use for the rest of your life.



Learn how to trust your higher self.


Allow your inner healing and releasing from:

  • old beliefs

  • old structures

  • old thoughts

  • old behavioral patterns

and anything else that keeping you stuck or held back from living your full potential.


In this 5 day Divine Feminine Retreat, we will dive into our inner landscape of the self, to get in touch with and attune to your most brilliant, most divine Self.


It will provide you with the insights, tools and perspective to make your own Divine Feminine essence a reality in everyday life.  

Located on the grounds of an ancient Hawaiian heiau on the flanks of the (dormant) Mauna Kea volcano, our Sacred Temple is in Honoka’a on Hawaii’s Hamakua Coast, between Hilo and Waimea.  Lush jungle, waterfalls, and our own horses, goats, chickens & ducks provide the perfect venue to discover and unleash our strength, chart a course for change, and embrace a new vision for our joy and wellbeing.

Living simply, fueling our days with yummy vegan meals, we reconnect with our core essence through a curriculum of yoga & movement, shadow- and unconscious mind work, learning how to create sacred space and rituals in our daily lives, and just having fun.

These are just some tools you’ll learn in our retreat time together:

  • Gratitude prayers at each meal

  • Suggested Conversations at Meals

  • Breathwork

  • Mantras that Work

  • Ways to remove unwanted energy

  • How to use Essential oils for healing and energy support

  • Tools to use for regular energy cleansers

  • Techniques on Tappings and Energy Sweeping

  • These are just to name a few...


What’s included in your 5 nights, 6 day retreat experience:

  • Daily morning yoga
  • Daily circle time + workshops for teaching new modalities of healing and release work
  • Daily ceremony and celebration for upgrading and up leveling our lives
  • Shared room accommodation for your comfort during your 5 nights, 6 day retreat stay
  • Daily nourishing and delicious meals include: breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner

What you’ll return home with after your retreat experience:

  • You’ll have a new outlook on life with a fresh perspective, deeper trust and greater connection with your Higher Self

  • Inspiration to live your life with more meaning, creative power, and wisdom to fulfill your dreams and desires

  • More integrated embodiment of your divine feminine wisdom, strength and power to hold yourself and your life with utmost love, honor and care for all of your beautiful life

  • New connections with fellow divine sisters in your life

  • Healthier relationships to grow and thrive in from your renewed way of living

We are excited to have you join us on this powerful experience!


Retreat Details for 5 nights, 6 day retreat activities, accommodations + daily meals:

Shared room rate $1,100 (Pay in full rate $950, a $150 savings)

Deposit to hold your secured retreat space $550, refundable within 5 days of cancellation)

Limited spaces for this retreat. If you feel a massive YES in your body, reserve your space with your deposit now. If you feel a massive HELL YES in your body, make your full payment now and save $150.

*Final payment due by October 1, 2018

Contact facilitators for more retreat info, travel inquiry, or concerns:

Olana at olanabarros808@gmail.com

Dhyana at think.of.dhyana@gmail.com

Or visit here to book online

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