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Ahu Lani Hawaii Big Island Retreat Center and Sanctuary

Located on the hamakua coast, big island hawaii

Ahu Lani


Volcano Update: Ahu Lani is located on the Hamakua Coast, about 60 miles from the Kilauea Crater's Volcanic eruption. Luckily we are not affected by the gases, ash, smoke, or lava flows. We are fortunate to be in an area that isn't affected by the VOG (volcanic smog). The air is clear and clean up at 3,000 feet in our forest. We are sending prayers to Pele to keep all people safe.

Our Mission is to facilitate and host meaningful learning experiences whithin:

  • Improving personal knowledge, health, and happiness.

  • Restoring and maintaining a balanced global ecosystem via thoughtful planning and execution of agroforestry, farming, and ranching, commerce, and community stewardship. 

  • Connecting youth and elders and sharing stories.

  • Painting, singing, dancing, and making music.


retreat in a native Hawaiian forest


Hawaii is known for it's white sandy beaches and Aloha spirit. What's little known are it's amazing forests. Many of these forests are gone now due to cattle grazing, but Ahu Lani is in one of the last remaining native forests on the gorgeous Hamakua Coast.

"Ahu Lani", which translates into "Heavenly Temple", is tucked into thousands of Ohia and Koa trees on 24 acres of protected land. On the far side of the land, the Kalopa Gulch (river) brings rain water from the top of Mauna Kea to the Pacific Ocean. Gentle pools of water and a 15 foot waterfall can be found just after heavy rains.

At nearly 3,000 feet of elevation, yet only 5 miles from the ocean, a unique ecosystem exists and guests will have a chance to immerse themselves into something very special. The Aina, or land, has been called "magical" and offers a very deep healing energy that people travel from all around the world to experience. 

Try a new Hawaiian escape high up on the coast amidst ancient trees, ferns, horses, goats, birds, bees, and the warm morning breezes. 


escape into the forest


 Hamakua Coast, Big Island, Hawaii