This 30 foot cedar round room can hold 16 people comfortably doing Yoga, and more doing meditaion and dance gatherings. The room is heated and has suround sound. 

This 30 foot cedar round room can hold 16 people comfortably doing Yoga, and more doing meditaion and dance gatherings. The room is heated and has suround sound. 


Facility Amenities


The House


Ahu Lani's retreat facility is over 9,000 square feet of rooms and lanai. 

10 Bedrooms
5 Full Bathrooms
Commercial Kitchen with Viking Range
Library with Wifi
Great Hall
30-Foot Cedar Round Room
Laundry Room

Room configurations are as follows:

Luna - 1 twin bed
Sol - 1 twin bed
Flower - 1 twin bed
Forest - 1 twin bed
Poliahu - 1 queen bed (attached bath shared)
Sky- 1 queen bed (attached bath shared)
Ocean - 1 king bed (attached bath private)
Pele - 2 twin beds
Crystal - 1 queen bed
Rainbow - 1 twin bed

Beds are memory foam mattresses with down comforters and pillows. 


The land and the climate


6 acres of the Ahu Lani sanctuary are within the retreat facility. In these 6 acres there are 3 pastures where goats, chickens, and horses live. We also have 2 dogs and 2 cats. Our animals live in a separate cabin and are not allowed in the main house or any rooms.  

The land is open for you to explore with the exception of the barn area, which is closed for your safety. Ahulani has many places or landings where you can hold ceremonies in the forest. There is a goddess grove and ceremonial fire pit perfect for group gatherings. 

A vegetable and herb garden is located just below the kitchen lanai. 

Ahu Lani is at 3,000 feet elevation high above the Hamakua Coast and next to the Kolopa Forest. At this elevation the stars are incredible, the weather moves fast and we have plenty of privacy.  

The climate on the Hamakua Coast is much milder than that of Kona. The daytime temperature ranges from 70-90 degrees F year round. The nighttime temperature ranges from 45-65 degrees F year round. 

Sunshine in the morning and through the afternoon is quite common. As the humidity builds in the afternoon, warm afternoon showers are also common. This is a rainforest and we do get over 160 inches of rain each year, which is great for water storage!


Power, water and comminications

 The barn and hub for water and energy storage.

The barn and hub for water and energy storage.


We are entirely off-grid. This is by necessity. We are about 1 mile from the closest utility pole! 

Power is made by photovoltaic solar panels and stored in batteries. This is a commercial system and can handle most power demands for large groups if the group is considerate of power consumption. We do have generator back-ups for when the sun isn't generating much power or the group has demands greater than the systems capabilities. 

Water is captured from rainwater runoff and stored in a tank. We run drinking water through a Reverse Osmosis system, but it is not currently sterilized. 

Satellite Internet is available in the Grand room and Kitchen. Some rooms closest to the hub have WiFi access. Cell signals vary by carrier, and we have a booster that helps with AT&T and some other carriers, Verizon does not work at the house at all.  If you are hoping for a digital detox, we are happy to dissable all communications for your stay, leaving a channel open for emergencies. 

the owerns and caretakers

The owners live on the property year round in a separate cabin located a short distance from the main house. We are available as much or as little as you require, but we do have to manage the power, propane, and water demands for your stay.

We are also here to help you get to know the land and the forest. A guided walk through the Ahu Lani Forest is available by request. We do ask that we make at least 2 hours available for the walk and that we schedule before your arrival. Nature walks are by donation to the Naturalist and the land.